What is the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program?



Milwaukee Parental Choice Program  /  MPCP  or   CHOICE


Did  you  know . . . .

  • Returning and new families to St. Vincent Pallotti are eligible to apply for participation in Milwaukee Parental Choice.


  • If your household income is at or lower than the listed household income guidelines  you may choose to place your child in private school at no cost to you:


Household Size                              Maximum Yearly Income

         1                                                   $35,628

         2                                                   $48,219

         3                                                   $60,810

         4                                                   $73,401

         5                                                   $85,992

        6                                                 $98,583 each additional member add $12,591 to the $98,583 to

                                                                          determine the maximum yearly income.



  • Milwaukee Parental Choice Program does require a Milwaukee city zip code residence for the participating family.


  • If you are in a married household with both spouses working, you may subtract $7000.00 from your yearly income in determining your eligibility for CHOICE.


  • To apply simply come to St. Vincent Pallotti Catholic School Main Office to complete the simple form, provide a copy of income tax, electric bill, or complete the form for households that do not file income tax.