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Retreats provide space.  Time to reflect is an important part of being human.  When we come away to pause, to look, to listen, we gain perspective and insight that enhances our work, our talents, and our relationships.


 With the crowds and the demands that Jesus attracted, we know that he went into the desert, or to quiet places to pray.  Retreat time is a special time for prayer and reflection.  It is a time to slow down and take in the many moments of our lives.  On a retreat we can enrich the meaning we see in the joys and struggles of being human.  We can feel the pull of God to be open and to be close to God.


At St. Vincent Pallotti Catholic School every student makes a retreat each year.  The four year olds through the fourteen year olds have the opportunity to go away and experience a retreat day designed for the age of each grade level.


K-4, K-5, and 1st Grade go to St. Francis Seminary on the lake to spend time singing, reading, dancing, and seeing God in all of Creation.


 2nd Grade goes to St. Jospaht Basilica.  2nd Grade retreat focuses on returning to the Lord and the importance of forgiveness.


 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade go to Lake Michigan.  Retreat focuses on Jesus by the sea.  We explore the many times Jesus teaches and mingles with the people by the sea, on the hillsides, and out in nature.


6th and 7th Grade go to the Schoenstatt Retreat Center in the country.  Retreat focuses on the question: Who is this man Jesus?


 8th Grade goes to Elkhorn, Wisconsin to the Pallottine Retreat House.  Their day focuses on: Who am I, and, what does God have to do with my life?




Parents and grandparents are welcome to help with retreat days.  Parents and Guardians may even join us for the day to experience a retreat for themselves.


Generally, retreats for K-4, K-5, Grades 1, 3, 4, 5, and 8 are in September and October.  Retreat for Grade 2 is in February.  Retreat for Grade 6 & 7 is in March/April.

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