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The spirituality of St. Vincent Pallotti Catholic School is characterized by a felt sense of love and community which centers on the person of Jesus Christ.  We welcome people of all faith traditions, and we are enriched by the diverse expressions of faith.   We build this spirit through several faith practices that are a part of life at Pallotti.


The most pervasive is our daily gathering outside for morning prayer.  Our singing, reading Scripture and presenting to God petitions and prayers for the day, sets a tone for the flow of life around our school building and the campus.  Parents, grandparents, and friends often join us for morning prayer.


Each Wednesday the school community and guests gather for the celebration of the Eucharist, followed by a community assembly which targets a special weekly message to further strengthen our identity as a Catholic school community.  We reflect upon what is going well, and we name core values of a Pallotti student.  We celebrate and recognize everything from acts of kindness to achievements.


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