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Why a Catholic School Matters: 
10 things you can’t get anywhere else


  • Incarnational view of the world                                         Fr. Ron Nuzzi, Jeffrey Johnson

Surrounded in school by awareness and sensitivity to the presence of God among us and within each person.  God desires to be one with us in our midst.


  • Immersion in the Paschal Mystery

We are intrinsically connected to the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus in the seasons of our lives, and we are on the road to heaven.


  • Value of relationships as reflection of the Divine

God is love and our loving and forgiving one another reflects the nature of God.


  • Nuanced view of Scripture

We read and listen to the Word of God through the lens of faith, history, spirit, culture, poetry, documentary, inspiration, and model of relationship with God and others.


  • Civic engagement

The fruits of our prayer life and spiritual practice leads to action to improve society.


  • Service for the Common Good

We are conscious of serving and reaching out to the needs of others in our decisions and our actions.


  • Discipline as a Faith Expectation

Just as I discipline myself in academics, arts, and athletics to develop and grow, so too in my spiritual life I practice discipline to grow in my relationship with God and my sisters and brothers in the global community.


  • Centrality of the Arts, Ritual, Drama, Music to a Life of Faith

The things of God, visible and invisible, find numerous and diverse expressions in art forms.  This is a further and deeper reason to engage in creating and reflecting upon the range of art forms.


  • Personal excellence as a spiritual goal

Striving for excellence in all things fashions and hones the beauty found in every aspect of the world and humanity.  Striving for excellence leads to clearer spiritual awareness.


  • Fullness of Catholic identity at the heart of the Church

We are universal in belonging to the Creator of the universe, and the church is the people of God.

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